WARNING: This information has been known to cause massive increases in traffic, subscribers and sales for virtually every type of business - online or offline!

Attention: Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Internet Marketers...

Unleash The 
Ultimate Traffic Machine

"Automatically generate thousands of targeted, motivated prospects... many eager 
and ready to buy
... without spending a dime on advertising!

Not just tomorrow... but for weeks, months... 
even years after you put it to work for you!

This amazing course gives you the shortcut to set up an "auto-pilot" system AND provides specific, step-by-step, detailed, hold-nothing-back advice that:

  • Reveals a proven, low-competition, high-profit system that drives targeted traffic to your website immediately....

  • Enables you to SELL MORE people FASTER with LESS resistance because YOU are "THE Expert" in their minds...

  • Gets you more traffic... more sales... and more money (more quickly and more often) for taking one-time action!

"Jim Edwards' program is the STEAL of a lifetime! 

I'm happy to have gotten a pre-view of this product and anyone who comes to my home with the hopes of watching the videos, listening to the CD's, or looking through the manuals can forget it


Because Jim and I are on the same page with so much of what we do. 

He's literally revealing many of my absolutely proven strategies that work over and over again. 

Jim's program is that good and I'm that "jealous" with this information. You should be, too. 

Once it's in your hands you'll know why."

- Matt Furey
Best-selling author, "Combat Conditioning"

[Note: Matt's company reportedly sells over a million dollars worth of products online each year selling to a small niche that has nothing to do with Internet Marketing... he focuses on "fitness" and "martial arts" - one of the most difficult niche audiences to sell to online.]


A Special Message From Jim Edwards 
Re: "The Ultimate Traffic Machine"

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to drive more traffic to your website without spending a dime on advertising... if you want to build up a huge and responsive list of loyal subscribers... or even if you want to become a "world famous" expert in virtually any area you choose -- then this is the most important letter you'll ever read!

Let me tell you a quick story...

Almost 2 years ago my dad and I were sitting in my home office. We had just launched our first ebook together, "The Lazy Man's Guide To Online Business."

We were discussing the fact that we wished there was a way we could teach people how to write better. Not how to use better grammar or punctuation or how to diagram sentences... that sounds like high-school and nobody would buy it. (I know I wouldn't!)

We wanted to teach people how to write in a way that helped them do what I do... use content to drive thousands of targeted prospects to their websites... build massive opt-in lists... become known around the world as "THE Expert" in whatever field they choose... and create an "autopilot" business that didn't depend on expensive or "hit-and-miss" advertising and traffic techniques.

So we decided to set a goal... 

We decided to create the ultimate guide that included everything for driving traffic and building your business through simple, easy-to-write articles you get other people to publish FREE... every single tip, trick, technique and method...  even down to where to put the pop-up code on your website!

... And I'm here to tell you from personal experience that publishing and promoting with articles (which are easy to write and easy to get others to publish) in ezines, on websites, in mini-courses, in newspapers, and in magazines is by far and away the most powerful free traffic technique for selling on the Internet... EVER!


Because it's the best kept traffic secret online (or offline)...

How to use articles other people will publish free
to rack up BIG sales and profits... FAST

Now, before we get started, I have a couple of things to say...

First, everything I am about to tell you is 100% the truth and verifiable by simply going into the search engines and searching for these article titles. On any given day the numbers will vary up and down, but these are actually understatements of the number of links from other sites I have indexed in the search engines!

In fact, you can click here to do a live Google Search on one of my articles "The Top Seven Mistakes eBook Authors Make" and see how many links from other sites are in just that one search engine. (Last time I checked there were over 253 links just in Google... maybe there's more now.)

Second, I honestly believe you can do BETTER than I have done... if you follow my instructions. 

Why? Because over the last 6 months I have gotten so much business that I've gotten lazy! I don't always take all the steps we'll teach you in this course because I get results so fast that I only take it so far and then move on to something else.

Don't be like me!

Do everything the way I did it before I got lazy and spoiled because I'm still cashing in on my past efforts over and over again! 

Follow through on all our advice and I honestly believe that, over time, you can do better than I'm doing right now!

Here are just a few of the results I've gotten publishing with articles...

"Web Surfers Revolt Against 'Pushy' Advertising" - 51 links

"6 'Life or Death' Factors For Any Website!" - 25 links

"Crying For Help Online" - 67 links

"The Top Seven Mistakes eBook Authors Make" - 212 links

"12 Steps to Creating a Business Online" - 101 links

"The Ten Web Page "Commandments" - 68 links

"3 Ways To STOP Affiliate Link Hijackers" - 34 links

"Discover Hidden Profits in 'Spare Change' Time" - 69 links

"Busting Online Copyright Thieves" - 94 links

"3 Keys to Striking It Rich Online" - 8 links

STOP: I could have left this article out. After all, 8 links isn't very impressive. But I left it in because I don't want you to think that every single article you write will be a home-run...
. but hey, could you use an extra 8 links pointing at your site right now sending you targeted traffic all year long?

"12 Steps to Creating a Business Online" - 114 links

Total = 843 Quality Entry Points to my sites
off just 11 short articles others publish
on their websites - FREE of charge!

By the way... those 843 links DO NOT include all the duplicate listings in the search engines... I filtered those out! 

I actually have thousands of search engine links to my websites from all my articles on other people's websites!

That also doesn't include the countless times I've had people run these articles in their ezines and newsletters in front of hundreds-of-thousands of their subscribers (many of whom become my subscribers as a result!).

Many of the people posting my articles are affiliates... which is great!

– I give them free, quality content!

– They get passive income (they post the article on their site, run it in their ezine and ClickBank sends them a check!)

– They get paid for taking very little action... just imagine how interested they are every time I publish my next article!

The Effect On My Website Traffic,
The Size Of My Lists, & Affiliate Program?

In May 2003 just one of my sites (I have 13 14 15 now) got over 12,541 page views from over 1,025 different sources!

The site? 

How to Write And Publish Your Own eBook... In As Little As 7 Days -- which has been #1 or #2 on ClickBank's "Business to Business" category for over 2 years!

The vast majority of that traffic comes from:
– Direct links from articles posted on the web and in mini-courses
– Affiliate links
Affiliates publishing and linking through articles on their sites and in their ezines

So, see... this stuff really does work!

By the way, here's what else we've done using articles... 

  • I've been able to recruit an army of almost 5,000 affiliates and give them tools that make me money... every single day!

  • I've built up multiple lists totaling over 37,000 subscribers... and I use articles as the "bait" to get many subscribers and as content to keep them happy and coming back for more!

Now, will you do the same or better? Maybe, maybe not. You could do more... you could do less. The point is: "The Ultimate Traffic Machine" gives you an advantage most marketers will NEVER have.

But I'm not the only one doing it!

One of my students, Wayne Davies, a tax preparer, committed to publishing an article once a week since the beginning of the year. His results?

An ezine with 400,000 subscribers ran one of his articles!

I did a search for him on Google for just one article and found 97 different links to him through his articles...

One of my co-authors, David Garfinkel, has literally thousands of articles posted all over the Internet.

Another one of my co-authors, Joe Vitale, readily admits that promoting with articles online is what made him, in his words, "rich and famous!"

Another of my co-authors, Yanik Silver, also admits that publishing articles is one of the best techniques he used to launch his world-famous "Instant Sales Letters" website that made him a household name online!

In fact, listen to what a few people have to say about our ability to teach others how to use articles to get traffic and build their businesses online...

"Wow, am I getting some great results!" 

I've been writing one article per week since Jan 1. They are getting published regularly now in ezines across the web. 

People are contacting me literally out of the blue, "We are publishing your article in tomorrow's ezine", etc etc etc. 

This week one of my articles is being published in the WebProNews.com flagship ezine with 400,000 subscribers. Oh baby, that should bring some traffic! 

All this from writing articles. It works, Jim, just like you said it would! Thanks, man, for giving me so much useful info." 

--- Wayne Davies
Fort Wayne, Indiana 

UPDATE: A few days later we got another email from Wayne... 

"I was the featured writer in Monday's edition of WebProNews -- they published not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but FIVE, count 'em FIVE of my tax articles -- in one issue! 

Circulation: 400,000 (that's no typo, that's a 4 followed by 5 zeros.) I gotta tell you, Jim, you gotta see it to believe it: http://www.webpronews.com/2003/0303.html  

Jim, you taught me well . . . . I did it YOOOOUUUUUR way! Continued success to you. 

Sincerely, Wayne


"I was recently reminded of the sheer marketing power of articles when I interviewed an author who's sold over $400,000.00 of books using articles as his primary promotional strategy. 

Yet while writing articles seems like a simple idea, in my experience as a trade publication editor, most people don't know how to do it right. 

In fact, 90% of the articles I receive from publicity-seekers are terrible. They think they know what they're doing -- but they don't. 

That's why I strongly recommend Jim Edwards's "Ultimate Traffic Machine" because he offers a very thorough, step-by-step procedure and formulas for quickly and painlessly creating articles that editors will love... and publish!

In fact, Jim's course is so good that I'm going to use it to train some of my staff writers!

Edwards' kit is not the only product on the subject, but in my opinion it's by far the best. You should get his kit before you spend another dime on advertising."

- Bill Harrison, Executive Editor & Co-Publisher
Book Marketing Update 



I have tried ezine advertising (lukewarm results) and the free ad route (even more lukewarm). Your steps not only narrowed the target audience for my site - a good thing - it has opened up a new avenue for me. As a fiction writer, I can use my talents to promote my services with my own style and personality. 
Thank you again! 
-- Susan


"I'd just like to say that I purchased "Turn Words Into Traffic" a month ago and was very pleased with the information held within. 

I now have begun making my articles available to e-zine owners and webmasters as well as setting up an e-zine of my own! 

-- Andrew Fraser 


"Jim has mastered the art of explaining things in a witty, step-by-step fashion. This time, he tackles the subject of building your business by writing short articles...

From concept to finished article, Jim explains *exactly* how to do it and what to zero in on to get your articles noticed.

This is pure, step-by-step, how-to-do-it stuff.

-- Damon Zahariades
Publisher, "Web Business Today"

This isn't something new either...

Way back in 1998 a bunch of articles got written up about me and my for sale by owner real estate book (www.fsbohelp.com).

The articles got posted on Banking and real estate websites all over the country and stayed up there for 2 years... and I didn't even write the articles! 

This was actually better publicity for me (as far as making sales) than when I got written up in the Real Estate section of the Sunday edition of the New York Times!

I was just too thick-headed to figure out that I needed to be writing articles and getting them posted...

... but I eventually caught a clue a couple years later!

Some common "myths" about
promoting with articles

  • MYTH: You have to be a "writer" to promote with articles.

  • FACT: NO - if you can talk... you can write an article people will climb all over themselves to read!

... It's a simple case of "Writers" vs. "Communicators"

... Writers worry about "style"... Communicators help people!

... We'll teach you how to be a Master Online Communicator!


  • MYTH: You need to be an "expert" in some area to create articles others will want to read.

  • FACT: NO - in fact it helps if you're not an expert because most "experts" just want to prove how smart they are!

  • FACT: All you need to do to be an "expert" is know more than 90% of the other people out there.

... and, once you discover the correct way to research, you REALLY can KNOW more than 98% of people...FAST!


  • MYTH: It takes days to write an article.

  • FACT: NO – it doesn't take very long at all if you know the secrets to create "killer" articles fast...

... usually in a couple hours or less even when you’re getting started!

... in fact, it gets much faster once you’ve done it a couple of times.

... I’ll teach you my favorite formulas for creating butt-kicking articles in just a few simple steps anyone can master!


  • MYTH: It takes a long time to get your articles promoted.

  • FACT: NO - you can publish and article and have an ezine owner with 1,000's, even tens-of-thousands of subscribers, pick it up the same day... if you do it right!


  • MYTH: It takes a long time to start getting traffic to your site.

  • FACT: You can start getting traffic very quickly with articles...

  • FACT: The more you do it, the easier it gets...

  • FACT: The traffic lasts longer and is steadier -- without cost -- than virtually any other type of traffic you can name!

If you've read this far you probably have a question on your mind...

"Who the heck are Jim and Dallas Edwards and why are they qualified to teach me how to use articles to generate targeted traffic to my website?"

Jim Edwards
I'm a syndicated newspaper columnist and the author and co-author of eight best-selling ebooks, 3 CD-Rom products, 8 videos, numerous audio tapes, two software packages, and 3 newsletters with thousands of subscribers... all of which I have promoted with articles!

I've owned a website development company and was Vice President of Marketing for a major Search Engine Optimization company. In one nine-month stretch this past year I sold over $201,738 worth of products online and I recently sold over $39,631 worth of CD's with my partner in less than 30 days. I've also sold over $10,430.00 worth of a single ebook in less than 24 hours!

My articles have appeared before hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of people online because they've been published on websites and by ezine publishers all across the Internet for years. I have used those articles to generate many tens-of-thousands of visitors to my web sites and, as you read this, more visitors come in every day. This isn't some "pie in the sky" promise we're laying out for you, but an actual day-to-day, proven method I use to drive FREE traffic to my sites that makes me the money I use to pay my bills every month!

Dallas Edwards
My father, Dallas Edwards, is no slouch either. He has spent the last 40 years perfecting his writing skills and has 4 offline books and 3 ebooks to his credit. He has written hundreds of articles, papers, and essays for both his private clients and government contractors. Dallas knows how to drive people to action and he knows how to teach you to follow his proven, fast writing methods quickly and easily. In fact, the best proof I can offer you is this...

He's the guy who helped me learn how to write all these articles and ebooks I've published!

"The Ultimate Traffic Machine," we can teach anyone, even people who think they "can't write a lick," how to create professional-grade articles quickly (in just a couple of hours). We then teach you how to use it to start driving traffic to your website or through your affiliate links for weeks, months... even years -- AND we'll show you how to build a list of loyal subscribers who buy from you over... and over... and over... and over again! 

It Doesn't Matter What You Sell - 
Our Techniques Bring YOU More Traffic...
Explode Your List... and Make You MORE Sales!

FACT: It doesn't matter if you're selling a product, service, or information. It doesn't matter if you're selling a $10 ebook or a $10,000 consulting service! This traffic machine works for corporate websites, small business, home-based business, self-published authors... even network marketers

It doesn't matter what you sell... this technique creates the FREE website traffic you need to make money!

Bottom Line: Promoting with articles creates large streams of steady and continuous traffic that comes to your website as a result of you taking just a few simple actions once... and you continue receiving that traffic for many weeks, months and even years later! 

Here's what you receive in this one-of-a-kind, breakthrough, multi-media, home-study course...

These 6 DVD's,  8 CD's, and 3-Volumes with 459+ total pages of  "The Ultimate Traffic Machine" breakthrough course materials are about to be carefully packed and shipped by bonded and insured courier directly to your front door!

Here's exactly what you get! 

Step-by-step instructions using DVD videos, ((( audio ))) on CD, "Screen Capture" Video on CD-ROM, and printed materials:

  • Learn how to quickly create content that sells people like crazy... and they don't even realize they're being sold!

  • Build up a stream of traffic that pays you over and over by developing your own fully automated list-building machine!

  • In-depth instruction on setting up Mini-Courses that scoop up subscribers like a vacuum cleaner on steroids! 

  • Step by-step-instructions for setting up your mini-course right down to how and where to put the HTML on your website!... This alone is worth the price of the entire course!

  • You can even do it without writing!! That's right! I'll show you how to harness the power of free publicity with articles without writing a word of content. 

  •  I'll show you how and where to find virtually endless amounts of content written by others that you can take, use and modify to create your own articles / special reports / even complete ebooks with lightning-like speed... and all of it perfectly LEGAL and without violating any International Copyright Laws!

  • To make it even better... you can WATCH "live" as I use this technique to create all the content I need for an actual Mini-course I use to develop a list in one of the most competitive markets online - Mortgages!

  • I'll show you multiple ways to get MAXIMUM exposure for your articles by finding high-traffic, TARGETED websites willing to publish articles NOW!... and it won't cost you a dime!

  • Watch "live" as we quickly find and approach website owners with the highest likelihood of publishing our articles... without ever being accused of SPAM!

  • I'll also show you how to automate the entire process of finding those websites using a FREE software program so it takes 1/10th the time of doing it the "old" way (... and no, it's not "Ezine Announcer")

  • I'll show you exactly how to set up your own article announcement service so you have hundreds, even THOUSANDS of ezine editors and website owners eagerly waiting to publish your next article... the minute you finish it!

  • Laugh at "writer's block!" because that's the "other" guy's problem -- not yours!

  • I'll give you my proven list of article idea generators that will have your brain crackling with more profitable, "kick ass" article ideas than you could shake a stick at.... you'll always have fresh, money-making article ideas right at your fingertips... any time you want them!

  • Even if you think you can't write or think up any "good ideas"... I'll have you bursting at the seams with enough awesome article ideas to fill up 10 newsletters!

  • Even if you think you "can't write!" Learn my quick and easy "11-Step Article Writing Formula" that will have you spitting out "can't miss" articles in no time flat! The "templates" I reveal to you will almost create the articles for you!

  • My own personal article archive with commentary on each article! This step-by-step analysis of over 143 different articles is worth 10 times the cost of the course. 
    It's like I let you turn my filing cabinet over and dig through my own personal files!!

    1. You get printed "hard" copies of over 143 articles organized by article type. Each one with my comments and "margin notes" on why they work!

    2. Take these articles, learn from them, model them, and create your own highly profitable articles in no time flat.

    3. Stuck for an idea? Thumb through this invaluable resource and incredible money-making article ideas will start flying at you!

    4. Each article has my hand written notes that explain:
      a. Immediate leverage points
      b. Immediate suggestions for structuring your own articles
      c. Much, much more… PLUS…

  • My own personal "swipe file" collection of the best:

    1. Newsletter intro's...

    2. Email openers... 

    3. ... and MORE to get your emails and articles READ (instead of trashed!)

  • How to get OFFLINE publicity in newspapers, newsletters and magazines (and no, it's not press releases)

    1. ...in fact, I'll show you how I and others have used this strategy to become "world famous" experts in our fields faster than any millions of dollars in paid advertising could ever do -- and we did it all by taking simple actions in just a few hours while working from home :-)

    2. How? By publishing articles offline in magazines, newspapers, newsletters and other "print" publications that need quality, targeted content badly. I'll show you:
      a. How to find the publications quickly
      b. How to approach them 
      c. How to get them to publish your content and get exposure you could NEVER buy!

  • I'll Show You EXACTLY HOW TO:

    1. Drive people to action by showing you how to create the absolute "bullet-proof" best resource box and how to build a LIST that will pay you over and over -- for YEARS to come!

    2. GRAB people's eyeballs and GLUE them to your content so they can't stop reading until the end... while other people's articles get passed over like sales circulars in the Sunday paper.

    3. Stand out from the crowd with an ass-kicking promise so even in a long list of articles you'll "stick out" and have a drastically higher chance of getting read!

    4. How to use your articles to RECRUIT NEW affiliates who WANT to sell your products for you AND have your existing affiliates begging you to let them publish your articles on their websites... as fast as you can write them!

When you Open Your 12 Pound Box Bursting At The Seams... Here's What You'll Find Inside...

6 DVD Videos 5+ Hours
(Play on Standard DVD Player) 

These  DVD's contain over 5+ hours of personal instruction from Jim & Dallas Edwards to guide you step-by-step through every aspect of the article creation process.

DVD #1 - "Killer Article Ideas and Topics"

You discover exactly how to create ideas for articles people want at the drop of a hat. 

In fact, the "World's Greatest Copywriting Coach," David Garfinkel, teaches us the TEN best words to use in any article headline to grab readers by the throat... pull them into our article... and not let them go until they click over to your website!

DVD #2 - Creating Publicity By Publishing Articles Offline

See real life examples of how I and other people regularly publish articles in newspapers, magazines and print newsletters to drive traffic to our sites... and put profits in our bank accounts.

See how one guy manages to get full color spreads in glossy magazines... and even gets himself on the cover of Internationally Best-Selling Magazines!


DVD #3 - "Live" Article Writing With The "TOP 10" List Formula

Ever said to yourself, "If I could just see someone else do it once, I could do it myself!" Well wish no more!

WATCH as we write a "killer" article "live" right in front of you. You watch the entire process from start to finish... how we think... what we do... how we brainstorm it... THE WORKS!

To our knowledge this is the first video of its kind EVER released... in history!

DVD #4 - How To Use Public Domain Material To Create Articles

Don't want to write your articles yourself?

NO PROBLEM - we'll show you how and where to find "Public Domain" material you can use to create your own articles simply by copying what someone else has written... all 100% LEGAL!

We'll even reveal how we "chopped up" an entire book to create a virtually endless supply of articles we're still using to promote one of my ebooks!

DVD #5 - 11 Step Article Formula

Watch as we walk you "live" through the fastest, most-comprehensive way to turn out professional level articles with a speed unmatched by even a "professional" writer! 

This video separates the men from the boys and makes you look like an expert with every article on virtually any topic you choose.

DVD #6 - "Live" Tampa Seminar Presentation

$2,000 per person

That's what attendees of Matt Furey's "Internet Marketing Boot Camp" paid to hear myself and others speak at a conference in Tampa not too long ago.

In this video I give you the most complete overview of the entire article promotion process ever seen before... and I do it with a directness and honesty that may even shock you!

If you want to get an avalanche of targeted traffic to your website... watch this video FIRST!

8 CD's Packed With Detailed, Step-by-Step Information

These CD's contain a goldmine of step-by-step, paint-by-numbers information any marketer would give their right arm to get! They will teach you the actual mechanics of distributing your articles, building your lists, and more!

Note: All ((( Audio ))) CD's will play on standard CD players in your car or home stereo as well as on your computer.

CD#1 ((( Audio ))) - "Quick Start" Audio 

  • The Who, What, Where, When, Why and HOW of Using articles to drive traffic to your site like a stampede on the prairie of the Old West!

  • The 3 things that make publishing articles one of the MOST powerful ways to get traffic to your website.

  • Who should (and shouldn't) publish articles to promote themselves and their business online!

  • The first 4 "Magic" steps to get yourself off to a FAST-START in carving out your niche and establish yourself as THE expert online in your industry.

  • The #1 problem in advertising website owners face... and how articles solve this problem instantly! 

  • The "REAL" reason why ezine editors and website owners will publish your articles... and NO, it's not because you pay them!

  • The absolute fastest way to get an article done, published and generating traffic to your site.

  • 5 proven tips to skyrocket your results and leave your competition in the dust! 

CD#2 ((( Audio )))  - 
"How To Generate Offline Publicity In Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters and More"

Double Interviews With A Managing Editor at a Prestigious Newspaper & the Publisher of an Exclusive, Member's Only Newsletter

  • The #1, #2, and #3 mistakes people make submitting articles offline... and how it causes your article to get treated worse than toilet paper (and the easy, proven way to get your article the attention it deserves).

  • Which day of the week (and month) to NEVER contact an editor... violate this rule and you might as well just tear up your article yourself and save the phone charges! We'll also tell you which days and when are the best times to find a receptive editor who will look at your story.

  • How to find out exactly who the "right" person to talk to is... and an easy, surefire way to get their name, phone number and best time to call!

  • How to separate yourself from the pack in the eyes of virtually any newspaper or magazine editor so you can at least get an answer out of them on your initial pitch ... and find out what they really need from you (not one in a thousand writers does this!)

  • A proven approach that will have editors not only sending you back copies of their publications, they'll actually tell you what articles they need right now!

  • How to get your name, business name and website address into a publication... even if they don't accept articles from outside sources! (Again, not one in a thousand uses or even knows this little trick!)

CD's #3-5 ((( Audio ))) - 
"The Turn Words Into Traffic Audio Seminar" -  3 Hours

Here are just a few of the things you discover on this electrifying, 3-hour audio-seminar:

  • How to come up with killer article ideas and topics ezine editors and website owners will climb all over themselves to publish (instead of the boring, vanilla ones they publish now!)

  • Specific techniques for getting traffic to your website fast so your traffic logs swell up like a water balloon hooked up to a fire hydrant!

  • How to promote your article for FREE while building your affiliate sales force into the thousands virtually on auto-pilot.

  • How to quickly and easily get others to write articles for you that you can claim as your own (and how to avoid the people who just produce crap nobody wants to read).

  • The absolute, sure-fire, bullet-proof best types of articles to write so people will read your article first (and often bypass your competitor’s article altogether).

  • How to use your articles to build your own hyper-responsive list of rabid subscribers who snap up every article and offer you send them!

  • How to create content that flies directly under your prospect's advertising "radar defenses" (so you’re selling them and they don’t even realize it).

  • The #1 BEST way to use every article's "resource box" to build up long-term streams of profit rather than running short-term "hit or miss" promotions (like most people who don’t know what they’re doing!)

  • How to find and approach high-traffic websites and poplar ezines with the highest chance of getting your articles published.

  • How to quickly become an expert on something you know absolutely nothing about!

  • Discover exactly what popular ezine editors desperately want so you can serve up the perfect article on a silver platter that they'll beg to publish (not 1 in 1,000 people is doing this right now).

  • How to handle ezine editors that want an "exclusive" on your article that ties up your distribution. Learn a quick and easy trick that will force them to publish your article NOW, but allows you to still publish your article wherever and whenever you want!

Discover the Exact Step-By-Step "Mechanics" 
You Need to Get an Avalanche of Traffic and Generate Massive Sales

Many courses claim to tell you what to do... but our course shows you step-by-step HOW to DO IT!

We show you the step-by-step mechanics using "Screen Capture" video!

NOTE: All screen capture CD's are made using Apple's "QuickTime" video so they will work on BOTH PC & MAC computers!

What is "screen capture" video? 

Quite simply it allows you to watch over my shoulder as I do things right on the computer screen. You'll see exactly what I do... where I click... it's like having me right there in your living room coaching you personally

It's absolutely incredible to watch and MASSIVELY increases your learning speed and retention! You watch, listen, read and learn at the same time... nothing can teach you faster! (except maybe a brain transplant with me... and I need all the brains I got!)

Here's what you get on these incredible CD's...

CD#6 - Screen Capture Video -
"Formatting and Announcing Articles"

On this CD-Rom you'll discover the step-by-step mechanics to...

  • Learn exactly how to get your article ready for distribution online...

    • The correct width to format and why...

    • The best FREE software tool I use... and you can use it also to get your article formatting correct every single time!

  • How and where to "announce" your article so thousands of website owners and ezine publishers can pick it up and run with it...

  • How to announce and broadcast your article to your own list of subscribers (or give it to someone else to instantly announce to their list and bring you a stampede of visitors!).

  • The key ingredient that makes affiliates go crazy over your article and makes them eager to publish your article over anyone else's as soon as you send it to them!

  • Undeniable PROOF that this technique works! Watch "live" as we announce an article and one hour later it gets picked up by an ezine publisher! YES... it really is this easy (if you know exactly what to do and how to do it... which you will after watching these screen capture videos)!

  • What to say in your letter to ezine editors to MASSIVELY increase your chances of getting your article run in front of thousands of subscribers... build your affiliate list... and get your articles chosen OVER any others an ezine editor could pick!

CD#7 - Screen Capture Video -
"Finding Website Owners to Post Your Articles / Setting Up Your Own Article Announcement Service"

On this CD-Rom you'll discover the step-by-step mechanics for...

  • How to find website owners with the absolute highest chance of listing your article... the FIRST time you ask! Most people miss this step entirely!

  • How to quickly weed through websites and ezines that can actually hurt you if they run your article (and no, every link is NOT a good link as some people would tell you.)

  • How to use a FREE software program to create a custom prospect list for each of your articles... and you'll do it easily in about 60 seconds.

  • The single biggest mistake people make when trying to get their articles posted on other people's websites... and the simple email that doubles, even TRIPLES your response rates!

  • How to set up your own highly profitable list of ezine publishers and website owners who WANT to receive your next article the INSTANT you publish it... so they can put your name, website, and information in front of their subscribers -- FREE!

  • How to choose the correct tools you need to create an automated article distribution system... you just pour your article in the top and start getting traffic on TOTAL Auto-Pilot!

CD#8  - Screen Capture Video -
"Build a HUGE list with your own Mini-Course by Using Public Domain Materials Written By Others"

On this CD-Rom you'll discover the step-by-step mechanics for...

  • How to create your own huge, highly profitable opt-in list using the "Mini-Course" strategy...

  • How to save massive amounts of time by using material other people have written to create as many mini-course messages as you want... WITHOUT writing it yourself and it's all LEGAL!

  • The surefire best ways to structure your mini-course messages for MAXIMUM profits and sales... in the least time!

  • How to "dress up" your messages to make even more sales... and only take an action once... yet you get paid over and over!

  • The biggest mistake people make when spacing out their mini-course messages... and how to avoid the pitfall that will not only cost you sales immediately -- but might even get you labeled a "spammer" and cause you legal problems!

  • Exactly how to set up your pop-up windows to capture the maximum number of subscribers in the shortest time possible... without annoying them like most pop-up windows do.

  • How and why to position your own links to draw the highest amount of traffic from each message.

  • Step-by-step instructions for installing your mini-course on any of your websites you choose.

  • Repeat this process over and over on as many websites as you choose... and build a massive, hungry list that eagerly waits by their computer for the next messages you send them.

  • Discover the single most important technique I've used to create optin lists with tens-of-thousands of thirsty subscribers who make me thousands of dollars...

  • ... and do it all WITHOUT having to write the content yourself!

Your Ultimate Article Success Library!

With 459+ pages of rock-solid printed information, you have a reference library of proven articles, template, pitch letters and more you'll use every day!

Volume I & II - The Jim Edwards "Article Archive"

My own personal article archive with commentary on each article! 

This step-by-step analysis of over 143 different articles is worth 10 times the cost of the course. 

You get printed "hard" copies of over 143 articles organized by article type. Each one with my comments and "margin notes" on why they work!

Take these articles, learn from them, model them, and create your own highly profitable articles in no time flat.

Stuck for an idea? Thumb through this invaluable resource and incredible money-making article ideas will start flying at you!

Each article has my hand written notes that explain:
a. Immediate leverage points
b. Immediate suggestions for structuring your own articles
c. Much, much more… PLUS…

Volume III - Turbo-Charged Reference Material 

Section 1 - Proven Headline Formulas

  • Dozens of proven winner headlines you can use immediately to create headlines for your own articles that make people stop dead in their tracks and read (almost against their will!)

Section 2 - Best Article Introductions

  • Over two dozen of my best article introductions you can adapt for sending out articles to your own subscribers (or other people's) so your articles get read before they do anything else!

Section 3 - Tampa "Live" Presentation Slides

  • Follow along just like you're in the audience as I teach you exactly what you need to know in order to start promoting with articles... and driving as much traffic to your site as you think you can handle!

Section 4 - Audio Seminar Student Notebook

  • Follow along with the entire audio seminar as we reveal never-before seen information (certainly not all in one place) in a way you can use immediately to generate traffic to your website for weeks, months... even years to come just by taking action one time!

Section 5 - Audio Seminar Speaker's Notes

  • Need a quick, concentrated reference tool that has every nugget in the promotion process right at your fingertips? Well look no further because you can access the very notes we used to give the 3-hour audio seminar that will forever change the way you look at website promotion.

Section 6 - Offline Article Query Letters

  • These little babies will have newspaper, magazine, and newsletter publishers eating out of your hand to put your name in front of their subscribers when you use them in conjunction with the other "insider" information we give you in the rest of this course! These letters alone, quite frankly, are worth the price of the entire course!

What are actual customers saying about 
"The Ultimate Traffic Machine"?

Up until now, the only people allowed to purchase this package have been seminar attendees... people who paid as much as $2,000 each to hear me speak!

Listen to what just a few of them have to say...


"Jim, as always you over-deliver on content! 

The multi-media format of "The Ultimate Traffic Machine" elevates the learning experience to a level that can't be matched by a simple ebook. 

Your easy to use formulas and step by step lists helped me write a new article in just a couple of hours. 

Now, I'm following your formula to submit the article to 100's of ezine publishers. 

I'm absolutely convinced that the how-to-do-it processes you reveal in the Ultimate Traffic Machine will be worth thousands of dollars to me in the next few months. 

I highly recommend it to anyone who's serious about building a profitable internet business."

Steve Beard 

"To say your package is mesmerizing is an understatement!

As a web designer I am in the business and know a lot of what's already out there in regards to online marketing. Right now I am on CD 3 and so far there is nothing in your package that I have heard anywhere else. Now keep in mind I am on the internet 12hrs/day. 

Your content is all fresh and original. Now here's the real kicker. I can't believe how easy your stuff is to implement. 

I was able to validate one of your ideas in five minutes!

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!"

Greg Cesar

"I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of great information that was presented in the Ultimate Traffic Machine!

You have given us the definitive guide on how to use articles to generate profits quickly and easily, and even a neophyte like me can easily write articles with your easy to follow formula. 

Your swipe file alone is worth twenty times the cost of this package! 

Thank you again, Jim, for over-delivering!"

Michael Woo-Ming, MD
"The Internet Marketing Search Engine"

"I've just started going through your kit, and all I can say is WOW! There is so much good information here.

I've already learned so much, and come a long way with my website, but now I'll even be able to take it further.

Thanks for everything!"

Kevin Thompson
Your No B.S. Mold Solutions Expert

"The Package" arrived yesterday and all I can say is "WOW"! 

I opened it up and was surprised to find so much content. I spent over 2 hours sifting through it and can't wait to get started. This is amazing! 

By the way, with this much information, you need to double your price!"

Scott McNally 

You have done a great job putting together "The Ultimate Traffic Machine". I was amazed at the amount of material when I opened the box: 8 CDs, 6 video tapes and 2 binders.

Many of the traffic generating programs being sold on the internet today are gimicky, promising to generate thousands of visitors to a website with little or no work. 

The Ultimate Traffic Machine is much more than that, it is a down to earth program that requires some work. The Ultimate Traffic Machine not only shows how to drive traffic to a site but the knowledge gained from the material in this program will be invaluable to anyone starting and running a successful web business. The value in this package far surpasses the cost!

Chis Banham

"I couldn't believe how heavy your box full of info was. When I opened it I couldn't believe how much stuff there was in it!

I received it a week ago and I'm still going through the information. Thanks for not holding anything back. 

You are true to your word and I know I'll be making a lot of money with your information quite soon. 

In fact, I've already put some of your techniques into operation and I'm already seeing results!"

Andy Curry
Lamar, Colorado

"I first listened to Jim speak at an Internet Marketing seminar in Florida. There were a lot of different speakers at this seminar but only two of them blew me away... and one of them was Jim. His ideas and concepts about how to promote my web site were amazing. 

I knew instantly his strategy would be a major part of my internet business so I bought his home-study course on the spot. 

The course is great!

 It covers everything in a step-by-step formula which makes the whole thing simple. I'm a big believer in simple because that's what works. Thanks Jim."

Anthony Bova

What About The Bonuses?

Take a look back through all the things we include with this package. It's the most comprehensive course you'll ever find for step-by-step information on:

  • Creating content that drives traffic like crazy... 

  • Building your own list of rabid subscribers who buy from you over and over... 

  • Getting other websites to link to your site and send you traffic...

  • Having ezine editors put your name, email and website in front of thousands of targeted prospects...

  • Establishing yourself as "THE Expert" on virtually any topic you choose...

  • ... and much... much... much... much... much more!

I honestly couldn't think of one single thing more to include. If you can think of one, drop me a line!

Another Way YOU Can Make Money
With "The Ultimate Traffic Machine"

Something you need to know right up front... because this program is so special... because we poured so much of our blood, sweat, and tears into it... because it is such a breakthrough program... I am NOT going to let just anyone operate as an affiliate!

I am creating a Partners Program for "The Ultimate Traffic Machine".

What does that mean?

Simple. Along with a few special Joint Venture Partners, only people who buy "The Ultimate Traffic Machine" will be allowed to sell it as an affiliate and earn a VERY hefty commission on each sale. I plan to roll out the Partners Program in October (I had originally planned on late September, but my plans got pushed back because of server problems and Hurricane Isabel.)

So if you see the value in this program for yourself as well as others, "The Ultimate Traffic Machine" Partners Program is something you want to be a part of.

Here's the bottom line...

Quite frankly, this information is so complete... so bullet-proof.... so step-by-step... 
I should be charging $3,000 for it! 

In fact, I challenge anyone to find a flaw in this system or to find something we've left out! We over-deliver on every single promise we've made in this letter. 

Whether it's teaching you how to get publicity in magazines... or having someone else write a kick-butt article for you at no charge... or building a FAT LIST of rabid subscribers... or even how to install the pop-up code on your website... this program has it all!

This is truly a guide not only for getting traffic to your site, but for creating content that builds subscriber loyalty and can catapult you straight to "guru" status in virtually any field... online or offline!

Other marketer's have told me that I should charge at least $1,500 for this package because it's making them nervous that I would sell this much (and this quality) of information for any less.... 

Think about it... when was the last time you EVER saw anything like this with every single angle covered? I'll bet the answer is NEVER... or if you did, it cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

But, right now, we will make this entire program available to you for only $997.

6-Month Risk-Free Trial

I know this program is so complete... so helpful... so bullet-proof... that I'll let you take 6 months to try out the entire system! Watch all the videos... examine the library reference materials... go through the article archive... set up your own highly profitable opt-in list using our strategies... get other people to publish your articles on their websites and in their ezines... fill the search engines with links to your site... and if it's not everything I say it is - I DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY! Send all the materials back and receive a prompt and courteous refund!

*** Ok... I Did Think Of A Great Bonus! ***

If you act NOW you'll be invited to listen in on a recording of a special private tele-seminar I gave not too long ago. 

On this call, I detailed a 30-day... 

But not just any old plan... I taught those lucky listeners exactly what I would do if I LOST my entire business and only had 30 days to recover... Now THAT was exciting!

You will receive an email with the download URL of the MP3 and PDF transcript of this 60+ minute call once we process your order. 

The only thing left to say is that this is absolutely the lowest price this course will ever be offered for online again (By the way... I've already raised the price four times... so I'm serious when I tell you we will raise the price again). 

If you want it... and you want it at this price... NOW is the time to act.

Order Now

Currently Being Updated

To your success,


Jim & Dallas Edwards

P.S. This program isn't for everyone!

In fact, if you're a dabbler or a "hack" - you haven't read this far. If you're reading this it means you want more out of the Internet than just a couple of extra bucks.

You want to kick ass, take names and be the next success story everybody talks about as an "overnight success!" (even though most overnight successes take a while to reach that point).

Bottom Line: Anyone who is running a "real" internet business and has spent even a month on pay-per-click search engines will instantly realize that buying this program is a "no-brainer" and it's easily.... easily... worth 10X what I'm charging! 

Are you serious? Click Here To Order Now

P.P.S. - You may be wondering how this program is different from our breakout best-seller ebook "Turn Words Into Traffic". Well let me put it to you this way...

The difference is like a tack hammer and a sledgehammer... a Mercedes and a go-cart... a fighter jet and a crop duster... they all get the job done - but if you want to know every in-and-out, every "insider" tactic, and get it in a way you can understand and use NOW... and in a way that no ebook (no matter how good) can teach you - then "The Ultimate Traffic Machine" is exactly what you want!
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